Carles Ávila

Carles Àvila, is a psychologist, Family Constellations facilitator, a Bioenergetics therapist, Biodynamics osteopath, but above all, he is an empassioned enquirer into Consciousness on Earth, a treasure so close to us that we barely notice it.

Working to help individuals with their transformation, and with the powerful energy of groups and sacred circles, Carles is committed to assisting as many women and men as possible restore self-confidence, awaken to their full potential, utilize their gifts and offer them for the service of Humanity.

From an early age I was intuitively drawn to any book or teaching that could lead me to a deeper understanding of Consciousness and Life Energy expressed through Matter. In deciding between Philosophy or Psychology I opted for the latter, since I was searching for an area of study which encompassed the mind, the emotions and the effect of these on the body.

For years I read the works of Jung, marvelling at the depth of his vision of the Unconscious. Clinical sessions with my Jungian colleagues were enthralling; personal analysis with the affable Natalia Idelhson was invaluable; thanks to all that, as well as to keeping a dream journal and an active imagination alive, my dream to become a psychologist survived the dullness of the university years.

I first met John Pierrakos at a workshop and was struck by how skilfully he tackled our resisting egos; I loved witnessing the spontaneous expression of vitality which surface from people once their ego surrendered. The honour of having known him and the Core Energetics teachings I recieved from him shortly before his death are gifts which are with me in each workshop I give.

My first experience as a representative in a family constellation was so moving that I wondered: ‘This is either some kind of trick, or it’s a gold-mine’ and sure enough, it turned out to be a gold mine of deep insights into the bonds within family systems, as well as an incomparable field of phenomenology for perceiving the unconscious. I am forever grateful to Silvia Kabelka who trained me; for her generosity in allowing me to train others under her guidance; to the slow and subtle beauty of Hellinger’s constellations; and grateful to be part of the constellations movement, this continual flow of revelations.    

Bernard Darraillans told us at the start of his training course in Biodynamic Osteopathy: “I will teach you to see with your fingertips” and indeed he taught us to ‘see’ the mental and emotional imagery that the body stores in the tissues and how, by expanding awareness beyond the horizon a stream of innate wisdom, it will remind it of its original design.  As with constellations, a higher order is discovered to lie behind the ‘broken’ order if only we stop interfering. Astounding.