Francisca Rojas

Francisca Rojas C. (Santiago de Chile, 1971) Psychologist.

She began her career as a business consultant, but later took a different path in favour of psychology. To qualify for clinical work she studied a variety of disciplines which today allow her to work and research combining both the psychological perspective and the energetic process.

With these working methods in hand she became co-creator in a joint collaboration alongside Carles Ávila.

The focus of her work is on assisting people in all facets of their personal growth – their physical and mental well-being, their emotional and energetic health – through a process of understanding, integrating and creating new and enhanced possibilities for self-development in both the here and now and in the future.

Her sphere of expertise is in guiding those who wish to discover and put to service their own gifts; or those who wish to either develop a strategic plan from an original inspiring idea, or launch a business, vocation or enterprise in any sense of the word.

Her training equips her with a wide range of adjustable tools and know-how; to her degree in Psychology and Masters in Business Communication, she has added Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger, Neuroscience by Joe Dispenza, Upbringing and Maternity by Laura Gutman; EMDR by Francine Shapiro, Pranic Healing by Master Kok Sui, Metamorphic Technique by Robert Saint John, Energetic Regulation of Living Spaces, by various teachers and Dowsing, a long-practiced tradition in various cultures.     

Her continuing professional development is backed up by her enquiry into areas of science which help to deepen an understanding of human existence. Such studies include Neuroscience, Cellular Biology, Physics where applied to human life, and Geometric Patterning as expressed in life. Other studies and practices encompass spiritual dimensions, ancient cultures, and a knowledge of different disciplines and energetic approaches.