Constellations deepen understanding and resolve systemic burdens or conflicts between members of a system (such as a family), and show that, as representives, we are capable of long-distance, empathetic perception.

We are brought up and ‘managed’ in a family setting, as well as psychically nurtured to develop and grow. When this environment is affected by events experienced by ancestors which caused pain or shame, a new member of the family may pick up and absorb this information (systemic implication) and this can cause illness, emotional or professional breakdowns, insecurities or family misfortune.

Every Constellation begins by defining the benefits, relief or blessing which an applicant needs in their life since this work is focused on solutions and  the positive.

A client chooses from among those present the people who will be the representatives of the family members concerned. Focusing carefully and using intuition they position the representatives in the room until they have reproduced an inner picture of their family.

Constellations Theraphy

When the representatives get in tune with the family’s energy field, they start to feel like the person represented, receiving physical sensations and emotional inner states which correspond to the person represented. This gives rise to slow movements which capture a sense of the origin of the conflict,and gradually, with the occasional intervention on the part of the facilitator, (shifting the position of a representative, or suggesting certain statements), the necessary steps for undoing the block’s energetic vortex start to emerge and wellness can be restored.

A group Constellation is a source of a range of insights:

  • Perceiving the depth of the timeless bonds between the living and deceased members of a family system.
  • Love as always present, central in these bonds.
  • This Love and the loyalty it engenders can be either life-affirming or also the cause of misfortune when it slips outside the boundary of certain Orders. When life-affirming, we experience an attitude of seriousness and humility, which addresses and embraces all of the ancestors and what they did and what they lived, without distortion, without remorse and without judgement.    

Individual sessions

A ‘scanner’ is conducted, a deep exploration of the family system and their bonds, to detect sensitive areas and issues which may have had an impact on the system. Constellation Movements then follow, using objects or small figures as representatives to create inner movements in the client, which activate the possible pathways to solving and restoring the systemic order and hence wellness.