COUPLE AND FAMILY SESSIONS for Wellness, Change and Development

A good partnership animates a person’s maturing process. Where there is commitment, sexuality, love and a shared life plan, the pelvis, heart and ajna can integrate, and the couple experiences a coherence and sense of good fortune; they feel a need to extend this happiness to include children or towards their surroundings.

So when the partnership hits obstacles which break apart this state of union, the partners become desperate and blame each other or create distance to avoid pain.

Couple sessions allow partners to shift from confrontation or resignation towards conscious dialogue, through advice on how to identify and counteract whichever issues of personality, communication, or systemic hidden loyalties have created the obstacles.

When the couple have children they form a family, a psychic womb which nurtures and protects the growth and development of the children. The famiy is a fractal of society, on a scale where conflict situations stemming from socialization can be resolved when there is applied dedication on the part of the parents to passing their own values on to their children, to preparing them for schooling and for the steps they will later take to become citizens in society.

In Family sessions we create a space for psychotherapy, reflection and guided exploration with parents (and occasionally children), so that the family can function as an adequate psychic matrix and where the relationships are based on values the parents consider important to pass on to their children.   

We draw on psychotherapy, family constellations and evolutionary bioenergetics to understand the roots of the problem and develop the resources in parents for successfully arriving at solutions.