CORE ALIVE – Evolutionary Bioenergetics

CORE ALIVE is an Evolutionary Bioenergetic approach aimed at regaining  physical vitality, a freedom of expression in emotions and a creative mind, these being the three main pillars which support deepening the spiritual realm of experience.

CORE ALIVE is based on William Reich’s findings in psychosomatic analysis, John Pierrakos’ Core Energetics and Biodynamic Osteopathy.

At the outset of life, humans are uninhibited and express natural impulses, emotions and needs in a way which is free, organically spontaneous and in tune with life. Family and social conditioning lead the child, given their need to adapt to the emotional milieu, to suppress this innately vibrant pulsation through patterns of tension. As a result, we re-create similar situations and relationship dynamics throughout our life. Bioenergetics has revealed the link between repressed emotions stored as tension in the body, and the associated beliefs which ‘attract’ relationship patterns similar to those of the past.

Awareness is raised through emotional experiences that come forth when the body, thanks to certain bioenergetic exercises practiced singly or in twos, restores a level of vital energy, and in turn liberates emotions which have been trapped in blocks. These exercises can involve tensión/release, charge/discharge, visual or hands-on contact and muscle massage to deepen breathing in each segment of the respiratory system.