INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS for Wellness, Change and Development.

Beneath our personality, beliefs, personal biography, cultural heritage and personal circumstances, is an original Being in its pure state, connected to Life and highly

Capable of drawing upon its finest abilities to get the best out of life. Individual sessions are steps in a Process of recovering wellness and developing latent abilities through exploring the following areas:

  • Personal history and the recounting of it as a doorway to change.
  • The family system, its order, its fate passed down through the generations.
  • The body, its memory imprinted in habits and neural pathways.
  • The mind, its loops, blocks, habitual tendencies and its resources.
  • Emotional life, old patterns and new possiblilities.
  • Health on an energetic level and its capacity to broaden our vision, allowing us to contemplate the universe in which we live.

Individual sessions are geared towards the following objectives:

  • Living with oneself and one’s surroundings in harmony.
  • Being capable of creating partnerships, families and healthy, happy, intelligent and balanced relationships with others.
  • Being able to meet personal and/or profesional goals, satisfactorily, fruitfully.
  • Understanding and managing our body, our mind, our emotional and energetic aspects, in order to generate a much more wholsesome and healthier life, free from blocks and opening to its full potential.
  • Opening to the possibility of going beyond our limitations in development towards something greater, and achieving major Life Changes.

We use Jungian Psychotherapy, Character Analysis from Evolutionary Bioenergetics, Family Constellations and Biodynamic Osteopathy, together with 25 years of experience guiding and facilitating these kinds of processes.