Workshops for Men’s Personal Transformation and Collective Evolution

Man offers his masculinity to a woman and she her femininity to him. To do this he needs to ‘recharge’ his masculinity and this happens when he is with men. This is one of the main reasons for this workshop; to create a space where men can talk about their experiences from a man’s heart and point of view whilst being acknowledged and supported by other men; through this exchange all the participants can come to feel quite spontaneously empowered in their masculinity. Beliefs, moral codes and leadership roles can drop away and be replaced by a simply being present, being oneself, and caring for each other.  

In this working group each participant can awaken, explore and share his experience by way of the three steps of initiation into masculinity:

Being born to a mother, the first step is to ‘go across to the father’s side’; how each participant has either experienced or lacked this experience in their lives and the systemic consequences. Inner movements which nurture a positive expression of masculinity: a co-operative approach to authority, a healthy ability to take the initiative, being thorough without being rigid, being strong without being forceful, being powerful without abusing it.

The second step occurs when a man enters a committed relationship with a woman and she in turn accepts him as a partner; what it is for a man to give himself to a woman, what he sacrifices and in exchange for what, and under what conditions the couple builds strong commitment. A  fruitful sexuality follows which fully unites them as an expression of the balance of mutual giving and receiving.  Opening oneself to the mystery of the feminine embodied within the relationship.

The last step happens when the man opens to becoming a father and the woman becomes pregnant, both passing on life to their baby. How the man experiences the pregnancy, his function within this triad and the importance of his rôle as father to his son or daughter.

The work draws on rituals taken from Family Constellations, on Bioenergetic practices to heighten emotional and body awareness, on guided visualizations and working with the voice.