This Peace is not dependent on any absolute or definitive resolution of human conflicts; it needs only to solve them to a point where their intensity is lessened and be able to develop the contemplative attitude that puts them in perspective. The first is part of the benefits of Psychotherapy, the second to the practice of Sacred Circles.

As such, Psychotherapy and Sacred Circles are essential components in an Evolutionary Process, one feeding the other, one deepening the other.

Each person in the group agrees to hold an intention to be Present in the Heart for those who wish to speak, allowing everyone the freedom to express who they are and not who they feel they are expected to be. Differing attitudes and points of view enrich the Circle, and strengthen, rather than inhibit, the members of the group. All are in equal relation to one another and at an equal distance from the Centre, which remains empty.

The opening of the circle begins with gentle energetic practices to limber up participants’ physical bodies and energetic fields. They then form a circle, in sitting meditation, receptive to whatever is present and sharing the Silence in silence.

Next, each individual takes an agreed amount time to share the essence of their experience during the Silent meditation while the rest of the circle listens.  Following this, the others do the same, speaking of their experience, rather than opinions.

In this way essential aspects of the Evolutionary Work emerge spontaneously and are assimliated on a deep level for the benefit of all.  

These groups can be:

  • Fortnightly sessions of 2.5 hrs for groups of 8-10 people, held in Barcelona.
  • 1-2 days for groups of up to 20 people in a rural setting.